if anyoneone has led a most unfortunate, deprived life, and happens to have never heard the song from which i took the lyrics in this post's title, i'd like to say i'm sorry, because have you been missing out! secondly, i'd like to strongly suggest that you listen to it right away, since it's my favorite song as of yesterday. it probably won't be tomorrow, but nonetheless, it's great. the band is called the flaming lips, and the song is 'do you realize?', which is, by far, my favorite song in their album, yoshimi battles the pink robots. yeah. c: (it's in my playlist on the homepage, for those who are interested.) 

in other news: today was the last day of school for me. hoorah for summer, hoorah for freedom! it didn't feel like the last day of school, and much less like summer break, since the sun was hardly out all week, and it's drizzled occassionally. still, i'm in no position to complain, so. i'll enjoy my few days of rest while i can, before it's off to swim camp. speaking of which, i still need to go on my hunt for a third swim suit, since one of my old ones has stretched out over the years and become too loose to use competitively.

i also have to wonder why this year, it seemed like no one was particularly bothered about the end of school, or excited for it. maybe everyone shared my thoughts, and didn't quite feel that end-of-the-year buzz, since the time seemed to just fly by. i find myself saying that at the end of every year, but this time, it's especially true: despite the endless nights of homework and essays, i can't help but feel that i was cheated (or relieved of, rather) out of at least a couple more months of work.

however, as soon as all of end-of-the-day squealing, hugging, and celebrating began, i realized that this was it, and that this was the end of yet another year of my education. it's upsetting for me to think about when i do, since i have a great appreciation for time, despite my lack of decent ways to use it. i realize that i'll never be able to go back into the first or third or fifth or seventh grades ever again in the singular life i'm entitled to, and that all i could have done can't be done anymore, and all i did can't be reversed. it sounds overly-dramatic and needlessly depressing, which it probably is. still, i can't shake the feeling that i'm not doing the best i can, and that my time is slipping out from under my feet. then again, it is.

on a happier note, i've solidified my schedule for next year, and i've gotten into all of my desired classes, which i should, since there's not pride in being at an 'honors' level when the work there isn't particularly challenging or difficult in any way. still, it's the best i can do for now, so it's what i'm sticking by. now, all that's left for me to cling to from the passing school year is my summer reading assignment, which i may actually be grateful for, despite my whining and complaining in class about it. i like the idea of having a task given to me and then striving to achieve it, since making my own choices about how to spend my time seems tedious and tiring.

youtube, though, is a great way to kill your whole day and waste hours on end! it keeps me awake until dangerous hours of the night, and keeps entertaining me without many breaks. one youtuber that i've found i enjoy in particular is shane dawson, who's not unknown in the least. in fact, i think he has about 250,000 subscribers, forgive me if i'm wrong. if you haven't heard of him, you should give him a peek, along with a few other people/teams i really enjoy a lot:

shane dawson (shanedawsontv/shanedawsontv2)

man in the box (manintheboxshow)

the elevator (elevatorshow)

fluffee (fluffeetalks)

oi, and a last note: remember never to eat edamame that's more than a few weeks old, because it starts to smell strange and gets a suspicious sticky residue on the outside. eweh.



07/25/2009 21:43

Wanted to drop you a note to say that I am really enjoying your playlist!

Hope your summer is going well... don't worry too much about time slipping away from you - there are very few things that can't be fixed somehow!

Hope to see some more updates from you soon, I enjoyed reading your posts ;)

07/30/2012 21:35

I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up.

08/10/2012 23:09

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08/12/2012 01:20

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