ooh, don't i just love these little blog posts! it's always so much fun to ramble on without someone there to contain me; unlike when i'm around real people, where i actually have to shut up at some point. what downers!

i'm not quite sure what i'm supposed to talk about at the moment, since my day's been mostly uneventful, except for the usual. some expected bickering, petty couple-calling (for lack of a real term to use or desire to find one), and the likes.

it's weird that my days don't usually vary much from that, but i still find something to ramble on about for paragraphs on end. i guess it's just my gift of being able to take something simple and drawing it out to something that's overly complicated and needlessly elaborate.

fortunately for you, i'm currently being extremely distracted by free (yes, free!) episodes of george lopez.

adios, until later! :)



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