insanity in its most gratifying form !

a'ighty, so, you'd officially reached what may be the greatest, most expansive shit dump i could possible pull together!

this is a collection of thoughts, rants, lists, and, for lack of anything else to call them, literary pieces. (pah!) i don't consider myself a particularly remarkable writer, or a particularly provocative thinker, but i'm putting these up solely for myself, and whatever other wandering stranger may stumble across this page and decide to give it a care. i'd also like to have someplace to store all of these poorly organized word files, since my computer has an inevitable melt-down every four to five months, and it gives me something nice to bitch about every time.

also, if for no other reason but this one, i always like to be a good packrat and hoard everything i've ever created or written; it provides a great time for some future wednesday afternoon, when you've got nothing better to do and decide to look back on journals that were abandoned six days in (those would be mine). anywhos, it's probably time for me to stop blabbering on about whichever whatnot i was blabbering on about.

(yes, i am very young, and very aware of it. yes, you should really get over it. also, note that not all of these are current; some date back two years or more.)