wipe your feet on the door mat and feel yourself tumble !

owowow, so, the creation of this site means that my lack of anything meaningful to do has finally transgressed the fine line between being bored and having no life.

hoorah for me!

because i really have no greater purpose, this little, quite probably unnoticed site will serve as my crap dump. i doubt anyone's really interested in wading knee-deep through piles of my incoherent rants, jumbled thoughts, and poorly written... pieces, but if you are, kudos, you've found the right place!

it's quite possible that i'll forget about this little site as early as tomorrow, but i'm determined to prove that my attention span can withstand greater than that. my goal is to hang on for at least two weeks, and see if it catches my interest. if not, i'll just let it wilt and chip off from existance, without anyone except for myself noticing.

sounds good? i think so, too!

look forward to plaguing you all with my boring crap and pretending that someone reads it. ;)


i fell in love with a boy whose hair looks like pubes .

yessss, i got so bored that i made a playlist. applause! c:

this is a pretty varied list of music, and i think that there's at least a couple songs for everyone's musical tastes, unless you enjoy some form of rap. you won't be finding any of thatt.

psssst: put the player on shuffle, since some of my favorite songs are near the bottom or in the middle. i really threw it together in no particular order.

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